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My Story

In my free time I like to read, run, cook, and make art, but not always in that order! I am passionate about art, creating it and sharing it.

“My greatest joy comes from engaging with my students! Urging them forward and uncovering their many skills is invigorating.”

Ms. Crockett

I’ve been lucky to learn from many teachers, artists, and leaders. My growing interest in mindfulness has brought me back to scholars like Joseph Campbell and John Berger. But I’m also sparked by my proximity to John Sitler. Together these thinkers urge me to reflect seriously about the meaning of a creative and intentional life.

Why Menaul?

I first worked as a dorm parent at Menaul in 1981. When I returned as the Art Teacher in 2013, it was like coming home.

Credentials: BA in Art History & Drawing and Painting, BA Education, BFA Fine Arts Photography

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