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John N. Sitler is a native Philadelphian, with siblings, nephews and nieces in diaspora all around the country and abroad.

John spends hours listening to music, and loves to sing in church and community choirs. He enjoys reading history, theology, poetry and politics, and hiking and cycling in the beauty of New Mexico.

If independently wealthy, John would spend the rest of his life traveling the world, living out of a suitcase, learning new languages and customs, trying new foods… every day a new discovery. He loves the ocean and misses salt water. John loves the sense of being in a community with deep historic roots in New Mexico and the Presbyterian Church but is open to new ideas and movements of the Spirit.

John is exhilarated by the World-Smart diversity of the Menaul School community. He loves teaching Religious Studies as “it is marvelously interdisciplinary: theology, philosophy, history, fine arts, science, psychology… everything!

What a gift to engage young people with the ‘big questions’ of who we are and how we should live. I enjoy and am grateful for their curiosity, openness to new perspectives, and iconoclasm. Every day as a teacher I am also a student – I learn so much from them.”

John with his singing group, Quintessence

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  1. 1
    Steven Francis Brown on October 2, 2023

    Hello ,
    I am glad to see John Sitler is still there at Menaul ; I am one alumn from Menaul in 2004 , if you can tell him that I one day I will ilike to contact him , my email is .

    Steve F Brown

    1. 2
      kaiteo on October 16, 2023

      Hi Steven,

      We sent your info to Mr. Sitler last week. Thanks for reaching out!

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