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My Story

I am active in the Masons. I was the Master of my Lodge (Sandoval #76) last year. The Master is like the President. I am a Shriner, and a Scottish Rite Mason. I am also active as an adult Advisor to DeMolay, the Masonic youth group for boys.

While I was on active duty in the Air Force I realized that I would be in my 40’s even if I stayed and retired from the military. I asked myself “what do I want to do when I grow up?” In other words what will I do when I leave active duty. I wanted to do something to make a difference. I remembered how a few teachers really impacted my life and decided that being a teacher would fit my goals and personality.

Why Menaul?

I was working and living in Rhode Island when I decided to become a teacher. I came home to Albuquerque for a visit. I was attending a First Presbyterian Church service when I told my family about my decision. My mother and sister mentioned Menaul. The next day day I came by and meet with the head of school. He told me to come by when I moved home. That July I was hired to run the Boys Dorm and I have been here ever since.

Working with students is never the same. Teaching keeps you active and engaged. I love the “ah-ha…” moments.

Mr. Moses


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