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My Story

I have been married to my wife Sandy for 4 decades. She is a marvelous woman and I have an equally amazing daughter, Sonya, who will soon graduate from UNM.

If I was not a teacher I would be a field biologist.

Photo: Ms. Hillmeyer

Outside of School

Spending time in my studio daily is important to me as an artist. Being in nature… from gardening to hiking… is also important. Spending time with family, reading, listening to music, travel — are all important parts of my life.

What I Love About Menaul

The sense of community here (Menaul School) is impressive and it is a joy to work with my colleagues and students. The diversity is equally impressive. The balance of spirituality, the arts, academics and athletics inspire me.

I show up to school mainly to see what kind of creative projects my students do in class. It is a privilege to see the creative process at work in my students and I appreciate how they surprise and teach me with their efforts.

My classes allow me to see the imaginations in my students, but I also appreciate their humor, kindness, and ability to grow in inspiring ways.

Dan Noyes has a BAFA Level 1 Teaching License.

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