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My Story

After denying it for many years, I realized teaching is in my blood. My parents were teachers, and their passion for teaching/coaching lives on in me every day. It is incredibly rewarding to be a part of students’ growth, especially when they have persevered through a challenge or obstacle.

Outside of school I enjoy: traveling, yoga, jigsaw puzzles, and playing Wordle.

I have high expectations, and students know it. They also know that I appreciate and have faith in them no matter what. I do my best to meet each student where they are, and lovingly encourage them to grow and not be afraid to take risks in their learning.

Why Menaul?

Menaul was a nurturing community with a rich curriculum for my son, who attended 7th and 8th grade here. When he demanded to attend Menaul for high school, I jumped at the chance to be a part of Menaul’s faculty and be able to work with international students. I had only taught public school and never considered private, but Menaul’s diversity (both ethnically and socioeconomically) made it a good fit for myself and for our family.

Your child will not blend into the background at Menaul. Your student’s teachers will know your child well and nurture and challenge them in mind, body and spirit. Finally, your student will be a part of a community that lives out the values of diversity and generosity of spirit.

Ms. Roesler

Ms. Roesler has her BA in Spanish/Latin American Students (UT Austin), and an MA in Language Literacy and Sociocultural Studies (UNM).


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