My Story

I live in Corrales with my husband who is a ceramic artist, as well as a house painter. My mom lives here in New Mexico, and my dad lives in Idaho. We are from California, where my sister still lives.

In my free time I run (training for a half-marathon as of 11/21), paint in mixed media and acrylic, and read. I prefer to be out in nature hiking or running.

In addition, I’m certified a certified 500-HR Hatha Yoga teacher, and I take a lot of courses related to copywriting and writing in general.

What I Love About Menaul School

I love to see students open up and thrive, within a short time of attending. So many times I’ve seen students come in anxious about starting at a new school, and maybe they are used to a larger school where they just blend in. Because there are so many caring people here who really make an effort to guide them in the direction of their interests, I’ve seen students gain confidence and courage in a short period of time.

As an Admission person, of course I enjoy seeing students grow up during their time at Menaul. I love to judge the capstone presentations, because I’m always impressed by their passions and interests.

Students here are open, friendly, strive to be helpful. My background is in public school in California and while I love my former students, there is just something special about our students here at Menaul! As a group, they form close bonds, so at activities like dances you see students interacting across groups, not in isolated cliques.

“Explore, ask questions, know that you can come on campus in different ways. Even though transitions are hard, it isn’t worth staying with a not-so-great situation because of fear of change. It might just be the best move for your student. Consider what’s most important to you! Many of our parents say they want their student to be well-balanced and happy.” – Amy Boldt

Amy Boldt has an MA in Ed.

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