Carlos Fuentes, Menaul School class of 2020, former boarding student, homecoming king, and basketball player, is killing it at the University of Denver this year. He is working on a double major in Marketing and Information Systems and plans to work in the basketball world as an agent. Way to get it done, Carlos!

“Carlos was a great student athlete who excelled at Menaul and continues to grow in his college experience.”

A.D. Boatman
Homecoming Queen and King 2018: Luci Astorga and Carlos Fuentes

Denver’s Carlos Fuentes just finalized a deal with Saucy’s Southern BBQ restaurant, not for himself, but for three of his (basketball) teammates: Ben Bowen, Tommy Bruner & Tevin Smith.

@CarlosFuentes_5 loves the game and is determined to succeed as an agent.” – Isabel Gonzalez

Thanks for the heads-up on this great news, Ms. Mooty

Don’t know what NIL stands for? Find out here.

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