The Menaul School Marketing Team and Office of Admission enthusiastically announces a brand new partnership for 2023.

The initial meeting took place at United’s Albuquerque offices in September and was followed up with Menaul hosting United’s Chief Business Officer and Director of Corporate Partnerships on campus in November.

Menaul School is the first school outside of UNM and CNM to partner with New Mexico United!

Here are some of what a partnership with NM United means for our community:

• Community clinic(s).
• Player appearances.
• Match Sponsorship – Logo placement on social media and website, ESPN+ broadcast, in stadium announcements, concourse table, and group tickets. (That day the Menaul logo would be on every ticket, website, and emails as a sponsor the match.)
• Video Board and PA announcement every home game.
• Season field signage.
• Concourse table opportunity.
• U-23 games – access as a vendor for use at all the games. These are games that are played throughout NM, thus building out visibility for Menaul.
• Match tickets to use at our discretion.
• Networking events – the opportunity to meet with all of NM United partners.
• Menaul logo on NM United website.

Main Benefit to Menaul School

• This puts Menaul School on a bigger platform for local and national visibility!

NM United is excited about the international appeal that would connect our communities!

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