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My Story

My favorite free time activity is spending time with family and friends!  A long, shared dinner or adventurous outing with a chance to connect with others nourishes my soul. I’m also an avid reader of mostly short fiction, essays, and poetry – the kind you can find in magazines like The New Yorker, The Atlantic, and literary journals.

Of course I’ve gone down the rabbit hole of television show binge-watching since the onset of the pandemic. There are some truly genius stories streaming through that rectangular screen across from the couch! I try to keep in shape, and love to bike and hike. And, I’m a creative writer. Humble brag moment: 3 of my poems are published in 2 ezines – Broad! Magazine, and Apeiron Review. Those were bucket list moments. I also love word games like Scrabble. Lately, I’ve joined the new Wordle craze.

My circuitous path to this role really has its roots from a background in education, counseling, and communications. In school counseling and college advising I loved helping students to find their passions, gifts and talents and to help guide their plans toward a fulfilling life. The same dynamic holds true in philanthropy. I absolutely love meeting people who are passionate about Menaul and helping them to clarify their most meaningful “give back” journeys toward their goals of making a difference.

What About Your Position Do You Enjoy the Most?

I thrive on variety! As an “ambivert” I’m energized by the myriad of extraverted and introverted responsibilities in this role. I get to be on a busy campus surrounded by a wonderful community; have fun at fundraising events, and meet people from all walks of life. I also get to spend time synthesizing the whole Menaul story and writing about it for our supporters.

My Mentors

The mentor who first comes to mind was my supervisor at a large soup kitchen in Manhattan where I was really diving into a new career and shifting away from education and counseling. She has a double Economics/English degree, had immigrated from Ireland, is a published novelist, and – before joining the soup kitchen with her major life changes – had a successful career in corporate marketing. We taught the “Soup for the Soul” Writers Workshop together and our shared love of the craft really connected us.

I learned a tremendous amount from her about nonprofit communications and philanthropy in a short amount of time as she advocated for my professional growth. There are other mentors in the education and social services arenas whose wisdom and nurturance have been crucial – especially now since I’ve come full circle back to the school environment.  

Why Menaul?

Menaul is a school I can really believe in and get behind, with my own support! I was a faculty child at 2 independent boarding schools until I was 10 years-old and later went on to attend another boarding school, but only with the help of a substantial scholarship. There weren’t a lot of kids in my situation, and little socio-economic diversity because the school simply didn’t have the resources to provide that much tuition assistance.

I believe learning with peers who bring diverse perspectives and experiences elevates – and is actually imperative – to the whole education and formation of a young person. Menaul is unique in the independent school world this way. That stems from our core values and commitment to providing opportunities to any promising student who would not otherwise be able to attend.

I had the opportunity to substitute teach a poetry class recently. It was a delight to join the learning process with these eager students. They made insightful connections between Langston Hughes and our country’s history, and had “ah-ha” moments from their collective discussions.

Apply. Your child will be both challenged and supported. They will truly grow in mind, body and spirit within a community that respects their individual gifts and promise.

Hannah Albee M.Ed., Counseling and Consultation

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