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My Story

When I’m not working, I usually love to run, either by myself or with my dogs. As strange as it may sound, my passion is roller coasters and other death-defying rides. I try to find a Slingshot ride in each state I move to.

I started my career as a teacher, and I will always remember the simple advice gifted to me by my mentor: “The person speaking most is learning most.” It changed the way I viewed my mission and allowed me to always have classes be driven by my students.

Why Menaul?

Mostly I will enjoy Menaul’s mission of diversity. I studied abroad in college and it was such an impactful experience to live in a house with people from six different countries. With its focus on World Smart, I look forward to helping provide financial assistance to students around the globe who would thrive here.

When I saw that Menaul had just celebrated over one-and-a-quarter centuries, I could not pass up the chance to work somewhere so deeply rooted in Albuquerque’s past.

Marcus Scharbach

As our Annual Fund Manager, his why includes embracing Menaul’s alumni network and cultivating relationships with local businesses.

Mr. Scharbach received his Bachelor’s degrees from the University of San Diego. He majored in Psychology, Spanish, and Theology & Religious Studies. He is also a certified EMT. (Though he no longer finds the time to ride around in ambulances.)


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