Head of School Welcome

Welcome to our World Smart Community!

This, our 124th year, offers a new start and new opportunities. For students and teachers, it means a chance to learn and teach in new ways, experiment with new activities, make a new friend, discover a new passion, embrace a new hobby, join a new team, club, or group.

Every year we remake ourselves in some way. Human beings are amazing in their ability to adapt, grow, and change. At the Menaul School, each day teachers work closely with students to change the way they see the world. Our 9:1 student-teacher ratio makes this deeper, more personalized learning possible. It also helps students become World Smart. The Menaul School combines cutting-edge 21st century learning with a World Smart program that recognizes, emphasizes, and celebrates our long-standing diversity. Learning in a World Smart environment means that students develop what business leaders call “cross-cultural competence.” They are comfortable and experienced in working and problem-solving with others from diverse cultural backgrounds. And, at the Menaul School, 98% of our students take this knowledge and skill set to college, where they are prepared to thrive amidst peers from around the world.

Sir Ken Robinson loved to tell the story of a five-year-old redheaded girl who was drawing a picture. An adult wondered about the picture and asked, “What are you drawing?” The girl replied, “A picture of God.” There was a long pause. “No one knows what God looks like,” snorted the adult, clearly taken aback. “Not yet,” the girl answered and went back to her drawing.

I hope and pray that our students will have the courage to say “not yet” to naysayers, and instead try new things, have curious minds to explore God‘s infinite creation, and possess the wisdom to partner with teachers in the search. In our diverse international, intentional supportive community, I expect students will learn critical thinking, teamwork, and communication skills that they can use to confront life’s inevitable challenges and improve our world. Together, we will build our World Smart character.

In my personal growth journey, beginning September 15th, I will be taking a three-month sabbatical to explore one of my passions – training pointing dogs. I will head off in our Airstream to visit with some of the country’s best trainers. I will miss you, but the Board of Trustees and my employment contract provide and encourage this opportunity; more importantly, I am following my curiosity and passion as the Head Master or “Lead Learner,” to become empowered and refreshed, so that I might continue to lead this wonderful community.

My word of challenge to students as we enter the 2018-19 school year is to bring their best to school each day. Students may experience pain, cares, and worries, but they must embrace this great big, beautiful world by living fully and delighting in learning alongside their fellow World Smart peers.

Love and blessings,



Lindsey R. Gilbert, Jr., President/Head of School

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