After much deliberation, and consideration of all factors many times over, we have decided to cancel Panther Camp for July. Although we absolutely adore our time organizing the camp, and making sure that our students have an amazing experience, we want to ensure the health and safety of all faculty, staff, and campers. Thank you and please contact us with any questions you may have!

Panther Camp at Menaul:

What makes Panther Camp Different?

At Panther Camp, we believe in the value of play. Whether our campers are involved in an organized game, participating in Pig Yoga, creating their own skits and plays, or listening to a story, the most important elements of Panther Camp are the following:

  • Physical exercise and motor skills
  • Relationships! Communication and cooperation skills
  • Exploration and curiosity
  • Problem solving and adaptability
  • Imagination and reflection

Kids need ample time that is under-scheduled and that provides choices, in order to develop healthy habits. As an alternative to screen or couch time, Panther Camp provides a balance of activity which supports social, emotional, and physical health. Students engage in a wide variety of activities without having to specialize in one skill or subject area, or rotate from class session to class session.

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