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Ruben Porter as a highschooler in Detroit, Michigan

Chapel Guest Speaker: Menaul Parent, Mr. Ruben Porter, Jr.

Mr. Porter grew up on the eastside of Detroit and attended Martin Luther King Highschool. In chapel, he touched on the legacies of Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali, and John F. Kennedy.

Enjoy this snapshot from today’s chapel presentation by Rev. Takako Terino, 7th Grade Religion, and Mr. Porter.

Opening Prayer

Hear us Holy One

You created all human beings in your image and
likeness. You have stamped each human person
with a unique specialness, and all persons bear
your image.

Through that image you call on us to reflect your
goodness, justice, and love to all the world.
Remind us that when we speak out for justice,
mercy, and compassion we are displaying the
attributes we find in you.

As we celebrate the Black History Month, help us
to display you in everything we do. Show us how
to respect your image in all human beings. Help
us to defend your image that is found in all
human beings.


Rev. Takako Terino, Mr. Lindsey R. Gilbert, Jr., Jada, and Mr. Ruben Porter, Jr.

“Now do you suppose he wanted me to do this just for a day or a week? No! The Lord who told me to take care of my people meant me to do it just so long as I live, and so I do what he told me to do.”

– Harriet Tubman

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Go in Peace

A Song Performed by Menaul Choir Director, Leon Lake:

Mr. Leon Lake – Wade in the Water

“We must never forget that Black History is American History.”

Yvette Clarke, U.S. Congresswoman

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