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The Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA) “Brief Statement of Faith” tells us that “God raised this Jesus from the dead… breaking the power of sin and evil.”

In the event of Christ’s death, all the workings of anti-life are put to death

God judges oppression, hate, injustice, unfairness, pain and evil with a declarative “No.” On the other side of God’s “No” is God’s passionate “Yes.” Christ’s resurrection translates into the possibility of new life, a fresh start, a new creation. The risen Christ declares that all that contributes to the flourishing life win the day.

Goodness, truth, beauty, kindness, and compassion are given the final say.

This week I am blessed to be with our Menaul School Senior class on their senior Mission Week to Prescott, Arizona. There was a mix of work projects, camp activities, and relaxation at the beautiful Camp Aloma – high in the forested mountains.

Menaul Seniors with Chaplain Scanlon in Prescott, Arizona for Mission Week

We cleared piles of pine needles from the hiking trails and surrounding areas and piled the pine needles high to be burned in the campfire. This is so that they do not create a fire hazard for the campers this summer. The fire burned high all morning, filling the air with smoke and the pit with ash. Smoke and ash. Signs of death. But our gathering work showed evidence of life, too.

Menaul seniors scattered the camp ground with movement

Some seniors gathered pine needles off the ground and piled them into wheel barrows. Others raked needles into piles. Others used a golf cart to transport the needles to the ever-growing pile. As our bodies gathered and cleared and moved, our good work of contributed to life. People united with Christ, we share with the power of life that sprang forth when Christ rose from death.

As humans we were made to move around on this earth, working, living, serving, and loving with one another. I saw a microcosm of this during our time at camp this week. We shared meals with one another, work and play; boredom and excitement; exhaustion and wide awake-ness. Shared space and a common life. During our time on earth, we have the opportunity to share life in a way that mirrors the Life proclaimed in the resurrection.

We can contribute to the flourishing life as a resurrected people with compassion, empathy, patience, and kindness

On Easter day, we remember that we are no longer united with death but with life. United with the Creator God who made our life, we are now reconciled with the Savior Christ who saved our lives. Such is the hope and the promise of Easter.

Rev. Scanlon

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