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Katherine Torres is a 6-12 licensed level 3-A instructional leader with Endorsements in Science, TESOL and Mathematics. She has a Certificate of International School Leadership, a Master’s of Education with concentration in International Teaching, and a Bachelor’s of Science in Geology.

About Me

I come from a family of global nomads. I spent most of my life traveling the world as a student, a teacher, a mother and a child of the world. At one point my brother, sister, parents and I all lived in different countries and only saw each other once a year. I moved back to New Mexico six years ago to settle down and be closer to my son.

Although I didn’t study art and music, both are still an important part of my life. I love art and music as much as I love science and had considered going to art school instead of New Mexico Tech.

I am an avid cyclist and enjoy doing things like gourmet cooking, playing golf, and gardening.

Why Menaul

What I enjoy most about teaching is the excitement I see in my students eyes when they understand a new concept, then quickly extrapolate that new knowledge to other scenarios and begin to realize that everything is connected. I also enjoy learning from them, they keep me young and current.

When I ask for help, there are people there to assist me. When I just need someone to talk to or bounce ideas off, there are colleagues there to listen to me. I enjoy working in a place that trusts me to do the right thing and lets me go about my job without much interference.

For the most part the students here are polite, well behaved, respectful, and caring.

My Advice to Students

Life is an adventure; have fun, keep learning and remember that nothing is forever.

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