My Story

My family is all from New Mexico, so I am a born and raised Burqueno. They are wild and loud but some of the most welcoming people you will ever meet. They are the reason I’m a teacher and specifically why I’m a teacher at Menaul.

My dad and aunties attended Menaul School. Ever since then the majority of my cousins and all my sisters have graduated from Menaul. I’ve been coming to homecoming and school festivities as part of the community since I was 4! And now I carry on the Baca legacy of teaching here, like my cousin (Coach Baca) and my sister did!

When I’m not teaching my lovely students, I’m most likely working my other job as a photographer, traveling, seeking out the best coffee or donut shop or spending time with my friends and family.

I’m currently pursuing my dream of being a photographer. I photograph weddings, couples, families and graduations. I’ve been working on this goal since I was in high school so I’m super excited to see where it takes me!

What I Love About Menaul School

My favorite thing about Menaul, is the sense of home and community. I love that we have students from all over the world and welcome them into our community, as if they were our family. It teaches our students the importance of cherishing diversity and being accepting of all, no matter their background. Menaul is really just one, big, beautiful family!

“My favorite thing about teaching English, is seeing my students get excited about reading and writing. I try my best to choose books that they can relate to, which helps them create a connection with a character or story. Once they find that connection, they realize literature can be a lot more than just reading, but instead a tool the that helps them create deep, meaningful connections with themselves and others in the world.”

Ms. Baca

My students are some the best people I know! They are each an essential part of my class and bring their own uniqueness to the table. I sometimes feel as if they’ve taught me more than I’ve taught them. They are a constant reminder that its important to have passion in life and continue to strive to feed that passion.

Ms. Baca has a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and is a regular contributor to Menaul School social media.

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