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My Story

My husband and I met through soccer. He was my soccer coach! We have 3 wonderful children: Tod Jr., Cora, and Tigerlilly. Tod Jr. and his wife Barbara have two beautiful boys, my grandsons.

In our free time, we love movies and outdoor activities. We enjoy snow skiing, paddle boarding, camping, hiking, soccer and volleyball. We also enjoy our pets, a pug, a rabbit, and a guinea pig!

I enjoy traveling and learning about people and culture. I am a music-lover and like to play the guitar.

What I Love About Menaul School

Menaul school is a warm community that embraces its staff and students as family. People at Menaul live the school’s mission and values.

I enjoy helping students grow in confidence as they learn Spanish and about new cultures. Students learn that we learn from our mistakes and taking risks.

Students at Menaul learn to value themselves and each other. Their academic and spiritual growth is phenomenal. Seeing them support each other with academics and interests is the norm at Menaul.

Lesley Cummins is a Spanish Teacher, Curriculum Coach, and is a Bilingual Certified Teacher, NBCT, E.Ds.

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