“This morning I felt like a school boy going to his first day of school.  Even though school did not start until 9,  I was set up and waiting for students at 7:15 am at drop off.  Then when no one was coming, I realized it was a Wednesday schedule and that I was way early.”  I ran a couple of errands and hurried back to do temperature checks and welcome our excited students to our first day of school in six months… I missed them and was joyful to be back together in school.”

-Head of School and President Lindsey Gilbert

We are so excited to have campus buzzing with life today. Although you will not see any smiles, as every single person on campus is wearing masks, you will feel the pure joy of students excited to be back together again.

It may look different, we have outdoor classrooms, sanitizer breaks, distanced desks, but our goal is the same: to educate students in mind, body, and spirit. Check out some snapshots taken of our first day back for in person classes! We are excited to be one of the only schools in Albuquerque offering this.

Some shots of our Middle School faculty is masked up and ready to go!

“The first day looked a little different this year! It was funky to everyone trying to remember what it’s like to even be in school. The thing that was apparent in the air was the level of care and safety our Menaul faculty has for our students! The most important thing to us is to make these kids feel loved and safe! I am so beyond happy to see my students again! Even if it’s behind a mask.”

Emily Dawson, Head of Middle School Humanities
Eighth graders heading to their next class. Menaul School instituted a block schedule and a phased release time this year to reduce contact between students during passing periods. It also opens up student schedules for more electives!
Sophomores hanging out, getting caffeinated and prepared for the first class!
Juniors eating together at lunch! Our Upper School lunch is split in to two sections this year to ensure that tables have no more than four students seated.
11th grader Samual decided to start the year with distance learning! All students were presented with the opportunity to learn from home if they wanted to. Students who start the year in person and decide that they want to switch to online are able to do this as well!


  1. 1
    Jonna Toledo on August 20, 2020

    So glad my daughter was able to return to school in person! She was sooo happy and excited to see everyone! Students and staff! Enjoy your year!

    1. 2
      aboldt on August 20, 2020

      We are happy to have her back! Thank you so much, Jonna! – Lara

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