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Meet Mikayla. This aspiring innovator is starting the school year strong as she continues to join more of Menaul Schools’ clubs, sports, and activities.

My Name is Mikayla Rose S.

I have been attending Menaul School since sixth grade and I am now in my junior year. My goal is to participate in Model UN, Baking Club, Flight Crew, Student Council, Volleyball, Cross Country, Swim, Basketball, and Track.

Menaul has been my home for going on six years. I have seen teachers, coaches, and students come and leave and each one has left an imprint on me.

This year my goals are to:

  • Get 4.2 GPA
  • Win best candidate in model UN
  • Hold my state championship title in hurdles
  • Break the school record (in hurdles)
  • Make a difference in our community
  • Start traditions for years to come

My Favorite Place on Campus

My favorite place on campus is our track, particularly during sunrise or sunset and on the ten-meter mark. This spot has the best view of the mountains that I have encountered. Since my passion is running, this spot is perfect for gathering my thoughts and taking a minute to enjoy what makes me happy.

Mikayla S.

There is a tree that covers the north side of it that flows with the wind and blocks out the surrounding noise. It helps me to reflect. It is my happy place, especially when the sun hits the mountains, making them glow pink. After long days, hard practices, and even tougher weeks, this is a place that is a symbol that represents the hard work I put in. It is the beauty that I get to enjoy, even if the journey isn’t over yet.

My favorite Class This Year

AP Environmental Science. I have always been passionate about the environmental aspect we humans have on the ecosystems around us. This class goes into depth on functioning ecosystems, how we affect animals and habitats, and why animals evolve or go extinct.

In My Spare Time

Tending to my family’s garden and orchard

I am always looking forward to the poetry sections in English class because I love to write poetry. It’s different than writing an essay. You get to choose the rhythm and the impact you want to have on your reader metaphorically or literally. That even if someone reads it in a different tone you still feel the emotion and impact that the writer intended.

I enjoy reading, writing, and running. Since as long as I can remember, I have always enjoyed picking up a book on long road trips and there is something about the way an author narrates that I find intriguing. I enjoy reading fiction, non-fiction, myths, and poetry. Writing and running are ways I cope with stress or anxiousness. Running gets my mind off the finish line and helps me enjoy the journey.

I wouldn’t change my experiences at Menaul for anything.

Mikayla S.


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