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We would like to introduce some of our amazing middle school Corio Scholarship recipients! These aspiring innovators are excited to start the school year strong and join in on some of Menaul Schools’ clubs, sports, and activities.

Check out their introductions to learn more about their goals, interests, and favorite places on campus. We hope you are as excited for the 2022-23 school year as we are!

Hello, my name is Micah J.

I am new to Menaul School. I’m in 6th grade. I attended Griegos Elementary before coming here. I am starting on the Cross-Country team this fall. I also play baseball with two teams. My little league is West Mesa, and we won our District 8 division and played in the state little league championship. GAS Athletics is my second baseball team and we won state in the spring. I also play for the Sophomore Raven team with YAFL football. We won the Super Bowl last fall and hope to again this season. One of my goals here at Menaul to be active in their sports teams. I would like to play flag football for Menaul. My favorite place is the commons because that is where we play at lunch or before school starts. Religion is becoming my favorite because I am interested in learning about different cultures.

My name is Dominic C.G.

I’m in eight grade. This is my third year at Menaul because I stated in sixth grade. The sports I want to participate in are Soccer, Flag Football, Basketball, and Track. My goal this year is to try to get a 4.0 GPA and to be one of the best on the football team. My favorite place on campus is Donaldson because that is where most of my classes are. My favorite class this year is language arts and science because I like the book we are reading in language arts and I like to learn about elements in science class. My favorite hobby is to play football with my friends and I also like to play video games.

My name is Diego C.G.

I am an 8th grader at Menaul School. My first year at Menaul was at around the end of the 6th grade year, and since then I have made a lot of friends and experienced lots of new things. This year I plan on participating in soccer, football, basketball, and track. My goal for this year is to get good grades and improve on the sports I plan on participating in. On campus you will probably find me playing outside with my friends, because I love spending time with them, or in the band room practicing my trumpet with my class. I think it is fun to play an instrument and play a variety of songs. My favorite subject this year is Science because we get to do lots of projects and experiments and learn about the periodic table and all the elements. Outside of school I like to play online games with friends, hang out with my dog, Noche, and play my all-time favorite sport, soccer. I am excited to participate in sports and learn new things at Menaul School.

My name is Maelynn B.

My name is Maelynn B. and I am an 8th grader here at Menaul School. This is my first year here and it has been amazing meeting new people and making friends. This year I was thinking about being in track or basketball next semester seeing as I am in volleyball right now. My goal for this School year is to try and aim for all A’s. My favorite place on campus is Mr. Ziggy’s classroom because he creates a safe and fun environment for learning and I love playing instruments! My favorite subject is math or band because I love doing math and I also like our teacher, Mrs. Parker. My hobbies are playing instruments such as flute, guitar, and piano. I also would love to learn drums, trumpet, and violin. Another hobby of mine is rollerblading and reading. I’m looking forward to this year and I can’t wait for my first year here!

Hello, my name is Patrick S.M.

I am in 8th grade at Menaul School. I have just entered Menaul School this year, so I am a new student here. Sports and clubs I would want to join this year is soccer for a sport and a club would have to be shooting range. My goal for this year is to make new friends and keep my grades up in school so I can go here for a second school year. My favorite place on campus would be the gymnasium because it has a huge gym and the soccer field is nice for playing soccer. My favorite class would be religion because I want to learn more about God and how the earth was made and what happened in the past. Hobbies that I have are swimming, sports, and playing video games. I hope you enjoy reading so you can get to know more about me.

My name is Satori A.

I am an 8th grader at Menaul School. This is my third year here. It has been fun hanging out with friends, making new friends, doing band, and musical theatre. I am in volleyball, chess club, and I hope to start a D&D club. My favorite place on campus is probably the commons because it is super spacious, there is a lot of nature, and I have a ton of good memories with my friends there. My favorite subjects would probably be band, musical theatre, math, social studies, and language arts. I like these subjects because they are super fun in my opinion. Some hobbies of mine would be playing instruments. I taught myself piano and a bit of guitar. Guitar is currently my main instrument I am trying to learn Master of Puppets and Enter Sandman. Another thing I do for fun is listen to music. Music is a big part of my life. Another one of my hobbies would be fixing things, I have been fixing things around the house since I was two.

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