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Why Menaul?

We chose Menaul School for two reasons. The size of the school affords a level of attention to our son that is helpful in overcoming some of the struggles he’s had in school. As someone who is African born, we were eager for him to be somewhere that didn’t just acknowledge his unique heritage, but would celebrate it with him. Menaul has a long history of raising up leaders from an ethnically diverse student body.

Our family loves going to Marvel movies together, enjoying delicious food, and the occasional hike.

What is the Menaul Difference?

We’ve seen greater confidence and maturity in our son as a result of the encouragement he’s received from teachers, coaches and staff at Menaul.

Our son’s teachers are invested in his success and this has allowed him to thrive as a student, athlete, and a human being.

The small class size means that our son knows all his classmates and has been able to form strong friendships. He really likes the friends he’s made, and we like them too.

Thank you, Millers! We love Menaul family stories! For more stories, visit our Menaul School Stories page.


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    Susan Keil Smith on October 28, 2021

    This is a great and wonderful story.

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