Author: Mr. Garcia

As the music faded away and the students began to disperse…

An air of happiness filled the air. There was finally something to celebrate.

The past school year put a damper on gatherings and spirits as the pandemic set in. This year brought a welcome relief as the courtyard was filled with music and chatter.

Under the tent and the Christmas lights, the seniors and juniors got to relive their experiences of 2019. For the Freshman and Sophomores, they got to experience their first homecoming dance.

Thanks to Ms. Thordahl for the video!

The 2021 edition was unique for many reasons…

And will remain a special celebration in the eyes of the school.

125 years of history coincided with a return of the events that bring us together. The outdoor venue allowed for a break from the reminders of the pandemic and the perfect weather allowed for a night of happiness and celebration.

The world is not yet back to normal, but for the students that attended the dance, the abnormality resulted in something to be remembered.

“It was a community of nations… all dancing together as fellow human beings!”

Mr. Lindsey Gilbert, Head of School

In the following days, the hallways and classrooms were abuzz…

With stories of Saturday night. A welcome reminder of what we have missed in the past two years. This year’s theme of Thrive 125 was very present as the last notes sounded and the night came to an end. 

“AWF DJ services served up an awesome playlist and the moves were on!  The beautiful fall weather of NM lent its spirit to us all week… What a week! Hoorah to the red, white and black!  Congrats Menaul! Coming home after 125 years was such an honor!”

Ms. Hillmeyer

Photos by Ms. Thordahl, Ms. Roesler, and Ms. Looks Twice

A heartfelt thanks to Ms. Hillmeyer, Mr. Garcia, Ms. Thordahl and everyone who coordinated, designed, and chaperoned the 2021 Menaul Homecoming Dance.

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