Optimistic, sophisticated, with a wicked sense of humor

Johanna came to us from the icy fjords of Norway (or more accurately, the very normal city of Drammen). An incredibly extroverted and adventurous young woman, Johanna jumped right into every aspect of life at Menaul School for her one-year exchange program.

In her year here, Johanna joined the girls basketball team, the Baking Club, Model UN, and track and field. She was recognized for her strength as a student with a place on the Honor Roll, and for her strength as a player by sharing in the District Championship.

Johanna has innumerable favorite memories of her time here:

Here are a few…

  • The cupid shuffle at the bonfire
  • Karaoke and Sunday ice cream nights with the dorm girls
  • Getting lost in the Menaul Challenge (you weren’t really lost, that’s part of the challenge!)
  • Joining together with Mexican schoolchildren to play soccer and make tamales during Mission Week

She would like to thank her parents and family for supporting her this year. Her sister for standing up for her. Her brother for his fun and humor. Her father for respecting her decisions no matter what, her mother for always doing her best to make her happy. She loves them all so much, and we can understand why, because Menaul loves Johanna, too.

Ms. Negash will return to Norway to complete her education requirements there before matriculating at the University of Oslo to pursue emergency medicine.

“…I also experienced my first “snow day,” because in Norway it would just be called “a day.””

Johanna N.

Photo: Marla Brose

Video: Nicole Soriano

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