The Menaul School community is thrilled to celebrate Benjamin Roesler for his selection as a semifinalist in the 2023 National Merit Scholarship Program. Being chosen as a National Merit Scholarship semifinalist comes from placing among the top 1% of students taking the PSAT in their junior year. For Ben, however, being at the top of his game when it comes to the SAT is only part of the story.

Ben will tell you he’s an avid STEM guy

That love started in the family; Ben’s father is a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering and a 20-year veteran of the Sandia Labs, and his mother a top educator and crucial member of the Menaul faculty. But Ben was able to develop that love by taking AP classes like Biology, Environmental Science, and Calculus, as well as Honors Physics, then dual enrolling in high-level Calculus courses at the university level.

For Ben, STEM is an interest and a goal, but it’s not a limitation – and he’s taking and excelling in just as challenging courses in the Humanities despite his goal of being a Computer Engineer.

Photo: Ben gets ready to sign in for his senior year at Menaul School Convocation

Junior year was a huge success for Ben

As a scholar-athlete, Ben has been just as active on the court and field as in the classroom. He helped lead the Menaul Panthers to the state championship as a member of the varsity basketball team. He was also inducted into the National Honor Society, a signal honor for meeting the organization’s four criteria of scholarship, leadership, service, and character.

John Sitler, Religion and Philosophy teacher at Menaul, remarked:

“Ben’s an engaged, critical thinker. His ethics presentation on data tracking by corporations was impressive because he explored the deeper issues where most students might only scratch at the surface. He’s an impressive young man.”

The State Basketball Champion with his proud parents
“Unreasonable land claims”

Ben is currently applying to a number of colleges, especially in the difficult-to-crack University of Texas system. {Despite his knowledge that Texas maintained a number of unreasonable land claims on New Mexican territory well into the 1850s.) We kid.

We’re certain that his strong family support, his fine character and work ethic, and his education here at Menaul School will prepare him well to assert New Mexican sovereignty and territorial integrity when he is accepted to any number of outstanding universities.

The future belongs to Ben Roesler, who represents the best of Menaul School in Mind, Body, and Spirit.

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  1. 1
    Coy and Tillie Gutierrez on October 18, 2022

    Ben, it is a wonderful surprise to learn that you are a Semifinalist in the 2023 Merit Scholarship Program! We are so proud of you, and we know your future will be bright! Love

  2. 2
    Judy Kay Bard on October 19, 2022

    Hurrah for Ben! And for Menaul for mentoring so well.

  3. 3
    Nestor & Nellie Baca on October 22, 2022

    What an honor, Ben to be a semifinalist in the National Merit Scholarship Program and not only do you bring honor to yourself, it is also an honor for the school! Thank you for reflecting the values that we hope this special school always stands for.

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