Menaul School is grateful to be planning on Reopening on time in the fall. This is due to a variety of factors, including statewide measures, such as a cautious local government and early instituted mask orders compared to other states. It is also due to Menaul’s specific characteristics including a smaller student body and a large campus (33 acres). 

To reduce the contact between students, the Upper School has instituted a block schedule. This has been a very welcome and positive change for many faculty members. It allows for better planning, more time for lectures, and is easier for students to stay on top of their schoolwork.  

Along with this, it has allowed for more elective slots. We have been fortunate enough to add a variety of electives which range all the way from Graphic Novels to Greenhouse Science. Below is a comprehensive list of all electives offered to Upper School students in the fall. 

Coach Baca 
Personal Finance 

Coach Boatman 
Physical Education 1 & 2 

Ms. Brose 

Ms. Crockett 
2D Art 
3D Art 
Senior Art 

Mr. Pease 
World Literature 

Mr. Ferrara 
Model UN 
Medieval Arts 

Ms. Cummins 
Advanced Spanish 
Public Speaking and Leadership 

Mr. Lake 
Art Observation 

Mr. Moses 

Mr. Olona 
History of Science 

Ms. Ovitt 
Graphic Novels 

Ms. Schlabach 
Current Events 

Mr. Sitler 

Ms. Torres 
Classic Mechanics 
Greenhouse Sciences 

We are so excited for all the possibilites with this new schedule, and we are excited to be together again in the fall. As a reminder, orientation will take place on August 18th and the first day of school for all students will be on August 19th. See you then! 

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