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Friendship is one of the most important of life’s gifts

I feel incredibly blessed to have remained best friends with my middle school best friend over all of these years. Although we haven’t lived in the same place since we were in college together, we have tried to visit one another throughout our young aduthood, no matter where we lived in the country.

Since Morgan and Camden were married, our friendship has changed. In some ways, it became all the richer as I acquired another good friend to care for and to be cared for.

Morgan and Camden visited me in my new home in New Mexico this past week, all the way from Lancaster, PA. We went on many adventures …. (with my dear Pug/Chiricahua, Nokki, in tow). Here are some of them!

El Malpais National Monument

Coming Soon! More “Panthers in the Wild” in this series…


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    J. Sepulveda on May 31, 2023

    Reverend, thank you for sharing your stories ♡ I appreciate you. You are a Blessing to our school.

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