My Story

I am the oldest of three sisters. Raised in Albuquerque, mostly–with long periods in the San Francisco Bay area, Seattle, and New York. My parents were both academics, so it’s fitting that I made my way to a school! Before working at Menaul, I worked for New Mexico Legal Aid, giving administrative support to a large team of lawyers helping people who couldn’t afford lawyers.

I enjoy reading, watching movies, seeing local friends, Zooming with faraway friends, going to Quaker meetings, going to Al-Anon meetings (if you don’t know what Al-Anon is, call me!), avoiding exercise by any means necessary… My father died last summer, and there is still a lot of work to do for and with my stepmother.

I used to direct and act in a lot of local theater productions. I’ve gotten away from that, but I’d love to do it again.

What I Love About Menaul School

What would I say I love most about being Registrar and Academics Assistant? I love it all! From opening the media center in the morning to locking it up in the evening.

“There is no single school that is right for everyone. Come visit and see if Menaul is a good fit for you. Spend a day with a buddy in your grade and see how it feels!”

Ms. Bock

Ms. Bock has a B.A. in English & Psychology.

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