In preparation for our first day of middle school and upper school orientation, we have asked all domestic families to quarantine in-state for 14 days. We are so excited to be back together in the fall and want to make sure we can continue to do so in a safe and healthy way. 

To encourage this quarantine, and make it fun, we want to show you what some members of our community have been doing! Take a cue from these folks, or come up with your own idea, and show us why staying in state is so GREAT! 

Take a hike!

Laura Hille, International Admission Director, is always down for an outdoor excursion with her husband, Tyler, or her sidekick, Zora! (pictured). One of her recommendations is the Santa Fe National Forest. 
The Santa Fe National Forest is a sprawling outdoor recreation area is a little over an hour’s drive from Albuquerque. There are many different hiking trails (like Rio en Medio with waterfalls, pictured), open spaces, and even cliff dwellings (pictured) – a perfect combination to showcase New Mexico’s natural beauty and its unique, long-standing and rich heritage. Check out more information at

Make some art!

If you want to stay in for a creative and fun night, try what 7th grader Monica did with her family! Monica painted this table with her siblings as an homage to the movie A Nightmare Before Christmas. They mixed all different colors of paint to achieve the exact colors they wanted. You can do this too! Paint a table, like Monica, a canvas, or get inspired by this Buzzfeed article about DIY projects seen on Tik Tok. Happy painting! 

Have an “in-tents” camping trip!

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Make a night of it, and go on a camping trip! Ms. Roesler took these pictures of  her husband Alex, and children/Menaul School students Ben and Summer, camping in Rio Castillo. Rio Castillo is located near Taos, and there are many beautiful camping spots all over the state. However, you don’t need to drive far to have fun! There are plenty of camping spots around Albuquerque. Along with this, there is nothing like setting up a tent in your backyard and enjoying a night outside, while still being in walking distance of your fridge. 

Let us know what you and your family are doing over the next two weeks! E-mail us at or message us on Facebook/Instagram with your submissions! 

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