Students are submitting their websites as their final exam for Laura Schlabach’s History class. “The project itself is the culmination of a semester-long research project. First, students select their own topics and develop a research question. Then, they do extensive primary and secondary source research. Upon completion of their research, they develop a thesis statement and design their website and its content around proving that thesis,” Says Schlabach.

I learned how much effort and time goes into making a website. Not just because of designing although it is hard to stick to a basic layout, but the research that goes into it is probably the more difficult task. The challenges I faced were trying to make the website look and sound interesting, but overcoming this challenge helped me be a better writer.

Nizhoni Morales

Student Samual P. remarked, “I learned how to create a website from this assignment, and I’ll use this experience to launch my future business website. The sky is the limit. A challenge I faced was completing my website in a timely manner. I lost all of my work because Google crashed and wiped my website clean. It took many hours to reconstruct it. My process involved many hours of research on the internet to find information to create my website…”

Below you can visit 4 student websites selected by Ms. Schlabach.

Well done, scholars!

Chrystal C. – Voodoo in the United States

Calvin Hennick, for WBUR Boston, Haitian Voodoo altar created during a festival for the Guede spirits, Boston, MA.

Nizhoni M. – 1960’S Hippie Counter Culture

Ecstatic fans give in to the music at the Isle of Wight festival 1969.
Central Press/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Samual P. – The War of 1812


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