A Gift that Keeps Giving for Over 125 Years

Menaul School’s history is not just the history of a school. Although, 125 years of life as an educational institution is certainly worth celebrating.

Menaul School’s history

is also the history of Albuquerque...

and contains the history of New Mexico.

The Menaul School story contains multitudes of experiences, including heartbreaks, lifelong loves and friendships. Sacrifices made by grandparents and parents, aunts and uncles. Thousands and thousands of obstacles overcome, and summits reached.

Menaul staff has cared for, educated, and then sent out into the world over 3500 graduates! For an intentionally small school, that is a significant number.

Truly, into the world—the school currently educates students from 20 different countries.

Over 50% of students require scholarship funding in order to attend.

Menaul School regularly educates students from 6 different pueblos and tribal communities and has a long history of students from every zip code in Albuquerque and region of the state.

And, Menaul School sends graduates to school, military, and careers on 5 different continents.

Talk about worldwide impact!

Now, that is cause for celebration.

(Pssst! Check the end of this article to get a sneak preview of auction items you’ll find at the Menaul School 125th Birthday Celebration)

Le Chat Lunatique – Happy Birthday Menaul

The Butterfly Effect and the Gift of Education

Have you heard of the Butterfly Effect? The basic idea behind it is that everything in the entire physical universe is interconnected, intertwined, related.

The Butterfly Effect is often referred to, to get people to recognize that seemingly random acts have a big impact.

Just check out this deeply moving video about the Astorga family. They show the impact the Menaul School scholarship fund has had on the entire family. (Catch an update from Luci Astorga in the “Menaul Stories” section of our website—she is making great progress in opera studies at Sam Houston University in Texas!).

Our students think big—like, global.

Just look at what one local student, Angelina, did with her Menaul School education:

What does the Butterfly Effect have to do with the history and impact of a historic school?

Seemingly Small Actions Make Big Changes

The 125th Birthday Celebration on October 22, 2021 is the best opportunity to celebrate, as well as contribute to a gift that keeps giving.

A seemingly small action now might not look like it leads to anything at first. But that intentional action you take right now will have a significant impact on a student’s life. And every person in their lives, too.

Here’s a student who has taken her Menaul education to the summit of educational achievement: to earn her PhD in Higher Education. We can’t wait to see the impact she has on communities near and far. Introducing Doctor Cheromiah. 

“I have always been in school, and it is strange to not be in school anymore. Now that I have finished my Ph.D., I want to create my own Indigenous-focused storytelling business that empowers indigenous students and communities.” 

read more

After all, the gift of a Menaul School education grows exponentially with each student who graduates.

They walk with peers in shining black robes, toward the stage in Hart Park. And then on into the world, where Menaul School has prepared them to give of themselves for the greater good.

Your Opportunity as a Changemaker

It’s pretty simple, actually. Show up, have fun, change lives.

By buying a dinner or an entire table, bidding on auction items, committing to any sized gift amount toward the scholarship fund, you are part of a unique group of people. You care about the education of students who would not get a great private school education otherwise.

Invite a friend, and there’s that butterfly effect again.

Together you can laugh, raise a glass, and celebrate Menaul School into its 126th year, with a sense of satisfaction there is a bright future ahead.

We feel better knowing there will be more students like the ones featured in this article, out there in the world doing good things.

Party Location

The venue for the 125th Menaul School Birthday Celebration is the Sandia Golf Club. The best way to describe the venue: “breathtaking views”!

Floor to ceiling views overlook Sandia Mountain and the lush, immaculate golf course. The golf course is unreal—sparkling waterfalls with green grassy knolls rolling to the horizon.

The 5300 square foot event space expands with a lovely, covered patio if you want to move your private conversation outdoors.

The majestic Sandia Mountain changes with every perspective you view it from, as those of us living in the Albuquerque area already know. The view from the Golf Club at the resort is a view you will dream about.

Our party venue is so close to Albuquerque but feels like thousands of miles away from day-to-day existence.

Our alumni can’t wait to have fun at the alumni golf event; enjoying panoramic views, great weather, and a refreshing time outdoors on this top-quality golf course.

Without Further Ado—Sneak Peak of the Auction!

Do you find yourself daydreaming about travel when you should be doing something productive? Maybe it’s time to cave to your desires.

Cabo San Lucas

A trip to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico will be a daydream come true for one lucky bidder.

Stay at the stunning Hacienda Encantada Resort with panoramic ocean views. Everything is included in the 6-day trip for two.

Even the experts say–being in the present moment on a beach is a legitimate form of therapy!

You’ve probably already seen our feature on Facebook, showing the three-course whiskey dinner paired with delicious craft cocktails.

How many of you have trees on your property that need a little TLC?

Bid on professional tree service from expert arborists at Baca’s Trees. You will be surprised how expert care of your trees and shrubs makes it more enjoyable to be at home in your yard.

Not to mention, keeping those trees healthy for more years will save you money down the road. A lot of people put off taking care of their trees, to their detriment. Let go of that guilt and let the experts handle it.

The value of this item is $1,000 which will go a long way in beautifying your environment.

There are more auction items for all spending levels that we could feature here, including a bucket-list European getaway for eight people that will be the envy of all. You’ll have to window shop with drink in hand to see the rest.

Contact Melanie Davis to get involved. MDavis@menaulschool.org

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