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Mrs. and Mr. Patellis

My Story

I’m really passionate about so many things it’s hard to say all of them. Some things I love to do are, sing, read, write songs, and play with my puppy. I also love handcrafts like spinning, knitting, crochet and cross-stitch. My friends tease me that I was born in the wrong era.

My two main motivators are connecting with, and caring for others. Teaching allows me to do both and also, I get the added perk of sharing something I’m interested in and passionate about.

Teaching really has so many elements but my favorite part is connecting to, and learning about the students. Seeing their smiling faces in the morning makes all the hard parts of teaching worth it.

My Mentor

Mrs. Rhutasel-Jones‘s was one of the teachers that really changed my life. She taught at Menaul for many years. She was the first person who made me really feel like I was at school to learn not just to do busy work . Up until that point school felt hypocritical. It was just about memorizing something long enough to pass a test and I resented that. I hope that I can really share with my students the joy of actually learning and not just of production.

Why Menaul?

I chose to teach at Menaul because I believe in mission to grow in “mind, body, and spirit.” A well-rounded person should have the ability to cultivate all three elements of self. I don’t believe there is another place in Albuquerque that focuses on all three the way Menaul School does.

One-on-one time I get with my students is what I love most. Trying to help students solve mental blocks provides me with a challenge and allows me to get creative. I will try as many ways as I can to help students understand what we are doing. That part of teaching is so important, meeting a student exactly where they are.

I’d say come and know this is a place where your kids are going to feel loved.

With her pup, Saint

Mrs. Patellis has a BA in Classical Studies and a Minor in Ancient Greek Language. She graduated from the University Of Auckland which ranked top 25 in the world.

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