We would like to introduce some upper school Corio Scholarship recipients! Like our middle school recipients, these aspiring innovators are excited to start the school year strong and join in on some of Menaul Schools’ clubs, sports, and activities.

My name is Simora B.


I am a freshman (9th grade) at Menaul School. This is my first year here, and I am joining volleyball. My goals for the year are to probably pass and be happy for myself for passing. My favorite place on campus is probably the commons, where I can hang out with my friends. My favorite subject right now is Chinese. I like learning new languages, and I know a bit of Spanish already. When I’m done with school, I like to paint, play with my dogs, and read. A book that I enjoyed was “Salt to the Sea” by Ruta Sepetys. I am very happy to be going to Menaul School!

My name is Natalia M.


A proud (9th grade) Menaul student for four years and counting. This year I’d like to continue playing volleyball, basketball, and run for our track team. I will also hopefully be partaking in our upper school Student Council. My goals for this year, and every year, are to make my mother proud, be a better player on and off the court in sports, and lastly work hard and strive to be on The National Junior Honor Society.

I am not someone who likes to do favorites. I believe that there are too many choices to just have one. Menaul School is such a beautiful campus, with so much history, I could never choose just one place when it comes to a campus I feel safe and relaxed to be in. This year I am truly a fan of Math, Physical Science, and Theater.

“After walking to school in hot weather, nothing makes me happier than to take a seat in a class that is quiet and relaxed.”


Physical Science is always a fun and interactive class, where you feel comfortable asking questions and find yourself laughing in every lab we do. Theater teaches you to be confident and love yourself. When away from my school life, I involve myself in many different things. I love to travel when on breaks, traveling with my mother, and going shopping has always made me happy. Any spare time I have I like to watch new movies and shows, try out new music genres, clean and organize my house, help my mother with her jobs, draw, sing, and come up with many different ideas. Ideas for school, gifts for friends and family when holidays come up, new outfits, music videos, new ways to improve rooms in my home, for parties and new crafts I could learn, and ideas on how I can make money in the future.

Hi, my name is BellaRae M.


I go by Rae. I’m a 9th grader (freshman) here at Menaul School. This is currently my first year here at Menaul School and so far, I think this school has amazing people and I like the campus and how things are run here. This year I plan on being in many clubs, such as: chess club, gun club, and probably many other clubs along the way. I’m also planning on playing basketball for the school and am currently JV for the volleyball team here at Menaul. A goal that I have for the year is to have good grades and always turn in my assignments even if they’re late. This has always been a goal of mine every year.

I would say my favorite place on campus would probably be the Media Center because that’s a place where I could work on some things for school or work on my book that I’m writing, things like that. I say the Media Center is a really good place to study, relax, and is just overall a calm place. One of my favorite classes I have this year is physical science because that teacher that I have this year automatically makes things fun, and the way she teaches makes things 100 percent better and understandable for me. I have so much fun in that class, it’s pretty cool. Some of my hobbies are playing soccer, drawing, writing, and listening to music/singing, and playing piano. I’ve been playing soccer since the 4th grade, but during the time of quarantine, I’ve stopped. I’m now starting to play again, and I really enjoy it. I‘m so excited to be here this year and can’t wait to see what the school year brings!

Hey! I’m Savannah M.!


I’m a freshman this year! This is my first year at Menaul and I’m super excited to be here! I want to run track in the spring and I maybe want to join Model UN because I like arguing HAHA. I have also joined the Shooting Club. My goal for the year is to get good grades and make connections with new friends and teachers. My favorite place on campus is the Media Center because the chairs are super comfortable and its just a chill vibe in there. A calm energy (most of the time). My favorite subject is Math BUT my favorite class is PE because I love weightlifting! My hobbies include piano, sleeping, making money, being cool in general, skateboarding, drawing, and shopping (I know it sounds cliché but it’s so fun.) I’m also a pretty good singer.

Hi, my name is Nicole K.


I’m a freshman at Menaul School. This is my very first year at Menaul. This year I’m planning on joining chess club and being on the volleyball and track team. My goals for this year are to stay on top of my work, to maintain straight A’s and to not procrastinate. My favorite place on campus is the art room because it’s filled with beautiful art and just has a good vibe to it. My favorite subject is also art class because I love all types of art including ceramics painting and sketching. Outside of class I enjoy hiking, listening to music and attending Renaissance Fairs and Comic Con. I’m really excited for the school year and all the fun events ahead!

Hello! My name is Dorothy S.


I am a 9th Grader here at Menaul School. I did sports hand training here during the summer but this year is my first actual school year here. I really enjoy the big campus and the welcoming community. For sports this year I am doing volleyball and basketball, and so far I am really enjoying both of them. I am also on the student council this year! During free periods me and my friends hang out in the media center or on the grass. The two things I look forward to the most are basketball season and volleyball. I am excited for the memories that I will make with my team. When I am not at Menaul, (which I usually am, even on weekends) I typically go to hang out with friends or study. I also go spend time with family. I am glad to be a part of the Menaul community and look forward to what the future holds for me here.


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