Welcome to the new Menaul School website! We are so excited to be working with Wired Impact to bring you an up-to-date site, with more visually appealing elements, and intuitive navigation.

Highlighted below are a few important changes to note. We hope you will find it an easy and welcome transition.

Important Changes

Reduced Number of Tabs We focused on keeping the top banner of our site clean and simple. For this reason, there are a reduced number of tabs on the top. Please take time to explore these.

  • Location of Calendar The location of our calendar has found a new home! You will find it by hovering on the “Student Life” tab, then choosing “Calendar.
  • Our lunch menu has also moved. You can find this by hovering over “Student Life” again, and then selecting “Dining and Catering.
  • Parent Portal Location The button to access the Parent Portal can be found in the upper right hand section of the homepage.
  • Mobile Friendly Our site is modeled with mobile in mind. We know most of the time the Menaul community accesses our site, it’s through a smartphone. Please enjoy the new layout!
  • Updated History Tab Our website implementation team worked closely with the Menaul Historical Library to being you an updated history tab. It has new photos to gloss over and helps give you a better sense of the rich history of Menaul.

Enjoy the site! Thank you for being a part of our World Smart community.

– Website Implementation Team


  1. 1
    Allen Scott Tafoya on July 11, 2019

    I just saw you have a new website. Our church is renting space on the property and I have been referring people to the link with the campus map to find the Harry Porter Memorial etc. Is the map no longer on the site?

  2. 2
    Allen Tafoya on July 12, 2019

    I found the campus map! It is located on the About page under Contact Us. So glad it is still there. So helpful

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