In concert with the school’s overall mission and values, and as a vital extension of a strong educational program, the athletic department provides interscholastic educational options which foster the full intellectual, character, physical, social and emotional growth of participants. Through athletic participation, students learn to handle adversity with dignity, show graciousness in defeat and humility in victory while treating everyone with respect.

Our athletes learn valuable life lessons in practical situations – teamwork, winning and losing, hard work, self-discipline, appropriate handling of competitive situations including sportsmanship and self-confidence. We produce productive young people who become responsible adults and productive citizens.

Our Team

Coach Gary Boatman
Athletic Director, Boys’ Basketball

Coach Josh Baca
Head Upper School Football

Coach Jim Doyle
Head Upper School Track and Field

Coach Jim Benze
Middle School and Upper School Cross Country

Coach Jake Moore
Middle School Boys and Girls Basketball

Coach Trish Hoffman
Volleyball Coach

As a part of our membership in the New Mexico Activities Association, we are committed to “Pursuing Victory With Honor,” a character and sportsmanship development program associated with “Character Counts.”

  • Upper School sports open to grades 9 – 12 students
  • Separate middle school programs (6 – 8) provided in selected sports
  • Opportunities exist for involvement of motivated students regardless of previous experience, skill level, and size
  • There is a student conduct policy
  • Student interest drives program offerings
FALL SPORTSFlag Football
Cross Country
Cross Country
WINTER SPORTSBasketballBasketball
SPRING SPORTSTrack and FieldTrack and Field