On Thursday, March 31st, the middle school theater group put on a fun-filled production of “Rowdy Kate” in Donaldson Auditorium.

“Four years ago I picked four plays that had large casts for the middle school. I let the students read each one and vote on their favorite. I repeated this every year until there was only one play left. That play was “Rowdy Kate” by Claire Boiko.

From the very beginning this was always my favorite. A charming retelling of Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew,” this funny show follows a rambunctious Kate, navigating love and the old west in New Paducah, New Mexico.”

Leon Lake, Director of Performing Arts

What the Critics Are Saying…

“I thought Rowdy Kate was so adorable, the kids really put passion and humor into this play, there were really impressive musical numbers, and the acting was honestly really quality for middle school. The kids made me laugh and also did a really good job of telling a Shakespeare story with a modern and country twist.”

Emily Thordahl, Middle School Director

“I went, and it the kids did a great job!!! It was funny and the students were great actors. I give the production two thumbs up, as Roger Ebert used to say…”

James Doyle, Middle School Athletic Director (etc.)

Well done, middle school actors!

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