SGT Lerch, Austin – 101st ABN DIVARTY

After I graduated, I went to school at Adams State University in Colorado majoring in Sports Science. I ended up transferring to UNM the next year with an undecided major. I found myself unhappy and not having much direction. (So) In 2017 I joined the Army, and it was a great decision for myself personally. It has given me skills to be able to talk to people and problem solve. It has helped me become a leader and how to build teamwork and bring people together to accomplish a common goal.

On Gaining Real World Experience

The army has given me a lot of real world experience that I feel I would have missed out on if I would have stayed in school. I have also traveled a lot both in the states and abroad and it’s given me a much more open mind on how the world works and how to interact with people professionally. I think that anyone who doesn’t truly know what they want to do as far as college or their future should really look into the military. It teaches you a lot about yourself and offers great opportunity as well. I plan on getting a degree at some point while in the service.

On Where He is Headed

In the future I plan on staying in the service (for now.) I am still new in my career and with so many opportunities, I feel like I can really take advantage of them and set myself up for success in the future.

The Best Part About Being a Part of the Menaul School Community…

Is being able to connect with teachers on a more personal level as well as making lifelong friends. Playing sports was the best way for me to meet people and to make new friends. Also being present for school functions led to a lot of great memories.

Favorite Class While Attending Menaul

World Religions and Contemporary Issues

Austin’s Advice…

Take advantage of what Menaul School has to offer and have fun doing things outside your comfort zone.

Great Advice, Austin! Thank you for sharing your update with the Menaul community.

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