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After Attending Menaul High School…

I decided to go straight off to Lewis & Clark College. I had a cute little road trip with my family to go drop me off in Portland, OR. It was a really nice send-off and made me homesick the minute they left. I decided to major in Rhetoric & Media Studies and minor in Dance.

I worked very closely with the Office of Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement and also got to work at the library and as a tour guide! I also restarted the Native Student Union! I then landed an internship at the City of Albuquerque Dept. of Arts and Culture for the summer where I actually ended up getting a job with this last year.

Due to the pandemic I decided to transfer to UNM to be closer to family but also because I actually missed Albuquerque! I also wanted to study flamenco and UNM has a really good program! I danced in the production of Eugene Onegin at the Santa Fe Opera! I’m now also working with the County Commissioner for District #3 at Bernalillo County.

Huitzil performing in Eugene Onegin

“During my time at Menaul School I was able to foster the interests that I had. I was able to realize my love for literature and politics which led me to study Communications!”

My Best Advice to Current Students

Resiliency. Getting my high school diploma as a BIPOC woman I was able to show myself that the work my family did before me was worth it, and that I am able to push through any obstacle.

My Favorite Menaul School Class

I loved my history class, Shakespeare class, Creative Writing, and Philosophy!

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