9th graders in Ms. Mooty’s math class, learning with the new Integrated Math method.

The Menaul School math department is full of outstanding teachers who are always on the cutting edge of what is new in math education. Due to plenty of research of what is standard and successful in different schools across the world, we have adjusted our math program from the traditional teaching method to Integrated Mathematics. For those that have no idea why this is so exciting, this blog post is here to break it down for you! 

What is Integrated Math? 

Many, if not most of us were taught math in High School by splitting up different schools of mathematics in to different classes, such as Geometry, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Statistics, Calculus and so on. Students would take Geometry class, focus in for one year, and then never truly use it again until it was time to study for the ACT or SAT. Integrated math is a different approach. It involves many topics of mathematics each year. Every math course our students take involve algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, and more. Lessons builds on each other and get more advanced year after year.

Is integrated math a better system? 

According to this article by Madeline Will for EdWeek.org, students who have an integrated math curriculum have been proven in studies to outperform students who followed the traditional American math curriculum. This same article also stated: “Many countries—including those whose students outperform the United States in international assessments—use an integrated-mathematics sequence at the secondary level. And many American teachers and administrators who have transitioned to a combined-math pathway say they have seen benefits.” 

How does it work? 

Check out this infographic below to compare what classes students take with the integrated math approach vs. The traditional American approach. 


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    Jane Moses on September 5, 2020

    I am excited about this. Wish I had had it in HS. It makes so much sense to integrate.

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