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My Story

My first year ever working at a school, we won the local regional marching band tournament. I was hooked (on teaching) from then on. I have many teachers, both great and not so great. They have motivated me in different ways to help students realize their potential. I love seeing the light bulbs turn on and burn bright.

In my free time, I like to hang with my family, Practice (trumpet), play disc golf, And travel.

My Mentors

Sam Trimble, my first ever trumpet teacher /inspiration taught me to love music and to understand its power. I would say my greatest mentors would be my many many students over the years. I’ve learned thousands of lessons in understanding and the human experience from them. I’ve grown because of them.

Why Menaul

I was approached about taking the job at Menaul and I must say it has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! I feel so blessed to be able to teach and work here.

Again, I have to mention the moments where I see students realize that all of the hard work and sacrifices pay off. That is a very personal thing for an individual, and to be a catalyst and integral part of that feeling with a student is immeasurably gratifying.

I help them along by being passionate about what I do and show them that they can be passionate about anything! Even if they aren’t passionate about something they can and should be successful. My favorite personal quote is: “You don’t have to like something to be great at it.”

Menaul is filled with diversity and personality. This place is a rare glimpse into what you would experience out in the real world. That experience will serve you well into your life after Menaul. It is truly a unique place.

Mr. Ziggy

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