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Born in Rome Italy, I ran for the Italian National Team for Track and Field individually in the 400m and as part the 4x400m relay.

Working to export the Very Light Jet Eclipse-500 worldwide, I am the former Director of International Operations for Eclipse Aerospace. Additionally, I worked for United Airlines as the Operational Engineer for the DC-10 and Airbus fleet in one of the largest maintenance facility at the San Francisco International Airport.


In the last few years I have taught math and coached track & field and soccer. Being part of a team of professional educators who help develop young minds into beautiful, responsible global citizens is exciting. I love that our Menaul team willingly promotes a balanced-aware lifestyle of mind, body and Spirit!

“Orandum est ut sit mens sana in corpore sano”— You should pray for a healthy mind in a healthy body.”

The Roman poet Juvenal around the end of the first century AD

Mr. Bellomo has a bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering and a master’s degree in Business and Administration from the University of Bologna (Italy). He has also earned a master’s degree in Management and International Business from the University of Teramo (Italy). Additional achievements include being a FAA licensed Flight Engineer, Commercial Pilot, Ground Instructor, and Remote Pilot. He is a certified USA Track & Field and US Soccer Coach.

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