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I bring a dynamic and passionate approach to Menaul School. Raised in the vibrant cultural landscape of Puerto Rico, my early exposure to bilingualism ignited a lifelong love for languages and diverse cultural expressions. With a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts with specializations in Teaching English as a Second Language and Spanish, my educational journey has been fueled by a deep commitment to fostering inclusive and empowering learning environments. I am also a licensed 6-12 teacher with endorsements in Bilingual Education, TESOL, and Language Arts.

Having served as a Teach for America Fellow, my teaching philosophy is rooted in creating meaningful connections with students while nurturing their academic growth and self-confidence. As a multilingual educator, I believe in the transformative power of language to bridge gaps and open doors to diverse perspectives. This perspective is further enriched by my pursuit of a dual master’s degree in Bilingual Education and Latin American Studies, which is fueled by a drive to delve into Latin American cultures and education systems. With a strong belief in the value of multilingual education, I am dedicated to guiding students on a journey of cultural exploration and language acquisition.

Why Menaul?

The values and mission of Menaul School resonate deeply with me. The school’s commitment to fostering an inclusive community that values diversity aligns perfectly with my own teaching philosophy. I also love Menaul’s emphasis on providing students with holistic educational experiences, coupled with the opportunity to create a vibrant and innovative Spanish curriculum. The focus on individualized learning and fostering a love for learning echoes my dedication to empowering students from diverse backgrounds to succeed academically and personally. Through collaboration, engagement, and a passion for languages and cultures, I am excited to contribute to the vibrant educational tapestry at Menaul School.

Ms. Rosario Medina teaches Upper School Spanish and leads the Travel Club.

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