For 125 years, the students of Menaul School have been educated and inspired to pursue their dreams.

In the early decades of Menaul, most students came from rural areas with few resources, yet each family paid what they could for tuition. Menaul graduates were often only able to pursue their dream of college through the continued support of the Menaul community. The 1938 University Group pictured above, were alumni who lived and worked on campus while also pursuing advanced education at the UNM.

Menaul School has been transporting students to a brighter future for over a century!

University of New Mexico grads who graduated from Menaul School — 1938

That has been made possible through tuition and the generous contributions of the Presbyterian Church, friends, family and alumni now living around the world. If you have already contributed as a family member above and beyond your tuition, we thank you!

If you have not yet, will you take a moment now to join other families in supporting our students by making a gift today?

Your student(s) continues to be a part of this strong tradition where every student receives a great education and every family shares what they can to make a great college-prep education and dreams for the future possible.

UNM graduates 1938

If you have not yet made a gift this year, we invite you to contribute today to support the Buy the Bus! campaign.

Your gift is one way that you can join others who support your student(s) – all of our students – and help to purchase a much-needed bus to transport our Panthers in safety and style.

Our goals is 100% participation by families.

We know everyone wants to experience the joy of giving – of doing what they can to help. Whether your gift is $1 or $1000, your participation and your support matters!  Take a moment and see what your gift can do!

It is my privilege to work with our community to help make your student’s education possible, and I’m proud to make a monthly gift of my own as an investment in their futures!

Thank you in advance for your gift! Together, we’ll put them on the road to success!

Melanie G. Davis
Director of Institutional Advancement

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