Important School Safety Update


School Safety

Dear Menaul School Families,

We had a productive School Safety meeting on Monday, March 5th at 5pm. With over 25 families represented, we had three important discussions.

Mr. Gilbert led a discussion where

  1. We reviewed the school’s current school Emergency Procedures and how they were created and implemented.
  2. Based on the parent’s input, the group developed a list of possible improvements to our current safety practices:
  • Parent safety drills / Crisis plan
  • Emergency text alerts
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Teacher training
  • Fire / Bullet-proof doors and windows
  • More secure locks / use of keycards
  • Community involvement
  • Limit campus access
  1. Julie Shuler-Misra and Mr. Gilbert outlined best practices for safe social media use by students:

Mr. Gilbert highlighted what advisors are discussing with their students

  • If inappropriate, what you put on line can and will get you in trouble at school.
  • EVERYTHING you post become public—there are no truly private venues on line.
  • What you post on line can build or detract from building positive relationship and community.

Ms. Shuler-Misra emphasizes that parents need to be appropriately involved with their child’s social media presence. She also urged families to “Wait Until 8th” before providing kids with smart phones.

We discussed briefly the Internet and Safety handout prepared by our Instructional Technologist, Tiffany Lo-Finch. (link attachment)

We promised a follow-up meeting that we will set for late- April.

The meeting concluded at 6pm.