Paws on the News: February

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Global Week

Wrapping up just a day before the Chinese Lunar New Year, Menaul School celebrated its annual “Global Week”, February 12-15th . Global Week gives students the opportunity to build appreciation of cultural diversity, develop global awareness and understanding, increase empathy and action, and promote deeper cross-cultural relationships within the student body. The purpose of Global Week is three-fold:

  • Cultivate interest and appreciation among students, staff, and the community regarding cultural diversity.
  • Stimulate and challenge our community to develop global awareness and understanding, leading to increased empathy and action.
  • Promote deeper cross-cultural relationships within the student body.

Our theme this year was “Informed Minds, Responsive Hearts,” and we examined issues related global picto poverty in its many forms.  Our Biblical basis this week was a call to action from Christ in Matthew 25:31-46.  In this example, we see how our attention to and treatment of the poor, vulnerable, and outcasts of society serves as a type of litmus test of the condition of our hearts before God.  To help students interact with this theme, we had guest speakers and performers from the Albuquerque community, and internationally.  Students also participated through performance art, culinary challenges, and various simulation activities. Two such examples of those activities were a 6K “long walk to water,” simulating the experience of what millions around the globe do each day to survive, living on a $1 a day!

It was a richly rewarding and fun week for all of us at Menaul School, and we are grateful for to all the faculty and staff for their organizing efforts, our culinary staff for the extra work involved in creating international dishes for the students to enjoy throughout the week, the students for their engagement and enthusiasm, and the community leaders and guests who came to share their experiences and lessons with us.

Josh Buehner
Admission Assistant