Paws on the News: March

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Wikipedia will offer you a bit of insight on the history of school clubs. For instance, there are four main club categories: fundraising, community service, career interest, and interpersonal dynamics, and that the first known school club started in 1925 in Sacramento, California – a club which later became the Key Club, “the largest student based organization in the world, whose goal is to encourage leadership through service to others.”

Clubs at Menaul School are ever-changing from year to year. With the support of an advisor, Menaul students help develop new clubs based on their own interests in and outside of school life.

What is going on in clubs here at Menaul School? Here are a couple of examples:

Khue Tran (12th grade), Moses Zhao (10th grade), and Larry Guo (11th grade) competed in the second round of the UNM-PNM Math Contest on February 3rd at UNM. A team of 9 students is currently competing in the Mini-Math Madness online math competition, this team competes weekly against high school teams across the United States. A team of 5 juniors and seniors will be competing in the MathWorks Math Modelling Challenge next weekend. – Margaret Snell, Mathematics

From my side it’s been great to foster a club where students are working hard to engage with international politics, which is by its nature difficult to understand without a strong background in history and politics. We’re definitely building a strong core of kids who were taking “World Smart” to heart before they’d ever heard of the phrase! – Chris Ferrara, Model U.N.

Here is a list of clubs that are currently meeting at Menaul School. Club meeting times are announced on Mondays in Chapel and are available in the weekly announcements email.

  • National Honor Society
  • Math Club
  • Model U.N.
  • Slack Line Club
  • Rock Band
  • Robotics/Coding
  • Shooting Club
  • Snowboard Club
  • Chess Club
  • Bible Club
  • Civitan/People to People
  • Soccer
  • Robotics/Coding

Keep up the great work, Menaul! Happy clubbing!

Nicole Soriano
Assistant to the Head of School