Matt Narvaiz ’15

My Story

Menaul, in many ways, was one big family when I attended. I’m sure it still is. All my brothers that I have now — Javier, Nick, Austin, Abe, Anthony and Fabrice — I had met when I attended Menaul School.

One of my favorite memories at Menaul was beating Mountanair on the road during my senior season. It was the final game of the season, and my last as a Panther. Another fun fact: it was the first time in my four-year football career that we beat Mountainair, a big rival of ours at the time.

Every Menaul teacher played their part in helping shape who I am. But John Sitler, Richard Lucero and Rosemary Hennigan all have a special place in my heart.

Favorite Class:

World religion with Mr. Sitler, jewelry with Mr. Griego and basketball with Coach K.

Being that I’m from New Mexico, I’d say chile is the best thing about living here. But other than that, having a town like Taos — my absolute favorite place in the world — make living in this state all the more better.

I work as a staff writer for the Albuquerque Journal, covering the economy, cannabis and healthcare. I wasn’t the greatest writer in high school, but having Mr. Lucero push me to be better did, in fact, make me better. I owe him a lot.

I studied Journalism at UNM. I also worked at the independent student newspaper, the Daily Lobo, where I covered Sports.

I’m pretty happy with where I’m at in life. One of my dreams — even going back to my time at Menaul — was to work at the Journal. I’m glad that I’ve accomplished that. Menaul without a doubt helped me get here.

“For when the One Great Scorer comes to mark against your name, He writes — not that you won or lost — but how you played the Game.” — Grantland Rice

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