Last April, I worked with my poetry class on a project through the Academy of American Poets. My students each wrote a letter to a current Chancellor of the Academy of American Poets in response to a poem we read together in class.

The Academy received over 2,500 letters from students hailing from 127 schools in rural, suburban, and urban areas in thirty-four states and three countries. I’m so proud to say that out of these 2,500 letters, one of my student’s letters was chosen to be featured on Leah Thomas ‘(22) wrote a beautiful letter to the poet Marie Howe, which you can read (along with Ms. Howe’s response to Leah) here. – Ms. Bunn

“Your poem “The Gate” really touched me personally. We read it in my poetry class at Menaul School in New Mexico where I am currently a senior on the verge of graduating. Part of the reason your poem affected me so much was because I thought I would never be here.”

– Ms. Thomas ’22
Marie Howe reads “The Gate”

“Leah’s note reflected the pain and wisdom she acquired and the joy of being at Menaul School.” 

Mr. Gilbert, Head of School

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