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Religious Studies

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Nathanael Tremba started inventing his own religions when he was eleven years old. If he could come up with a detailed description and survive several rounds of questioning from his Presbyterian-minister father, he got out of having to go to church that Sunday. He tried for several years. There were a few successes, but ultimately, all of young Mr. Tremba’s religious inventions failed. Out of the ashes, he arose a religion nerd.

Born and raised in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, Nate Tremba moved to Albuquerque on New Year’s Day, 2001. He continued working as a cook and chef until 2008 when his wife gave birth to twin girls. He went back to school, graduating in 2011 with a BA in English Literature and Minor in Religious Studies from UNM and then a Master of Arts in Liberal Arts from St. John’s College, Santa Fe in 2014.

Nate joined Menaul in 2015 and is grateful for, and enjoys being a part of, its community. In addition to teaching middle-school students about religion and ethics, he is the advisor to the sixth-grade boys and the middle school soccer and track coaches. Outside of Menual, he has been a student and instructor of traditional kung fu at Lin’s Martial Arts Academy at the Chinese Culture Center since 2002. He became an investor there in 2016 and has served as Chair of the Board there since August 2018. You can see him and his fellow martial artists in performances throughout the year, all over Albuquerque.

Beyond the teaching and kung fu, Nate enjoys playing board games, reading and discussing classical literature, writing poetry and short fiction, vacationing in West Virginia, hiking and adventuring with his family, and playing the Swedish yard game kubb, with the hopes of competing in (and winning!) the Kubb National Championship in Eu Claire, Wisconsin.

Teaching Specialties



B.A., English Literature (Concentration in Creative Writing), UNM
MALA, St. John’s College, Santa Fe

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